EP-A11T Access Control/Reader

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  • Material:⠀Plastic
  • Waterproof⠀,⠀conforms⠀to⠀Ip67
  • Keyboard:⠀Touch⠀keys
  • Verification⠀method:⠀Password,⠀ID⠀card
  • 1⠀set⠀of⠀Wiegand⠀output
  • Relay:⠀Choose⠀original⠀imported⠀Japan⠀Fujitsu⠀relay
  • Circuit⠀design:⠀motherboard⠀overvoltage⠀protection,⠀anti-reverse⠀connection protection,⠀lightning⠀protection,⠀surge⠀protection,⠀etc.


  • Working⠀voltage:⠀DC12V⠀input
  • Password⠀capacity:⠀499⠀groups
  • Dimension⠀: 140L*70W*17H⠀(mm)
  • Card⠀capacity:⠀2999⠀cards
  • Product⠀weight:⠀0.3KG

A touch access control machine is handy to install in your office’s entrance or designated areas within your building. You can monitor and control access to sensitive areas with harmful or dangerous material in hospital rooms or entrances to a lab. EP-A11T is a relatively cheap and inexpensive security addition for your premises that you can use.

Traditional Access Key controllers suffer from a series of problems. The most frequent culprit includes an insensitive pin sensor. Users can waste minutes waving their chip over the access control machine, waiting for it to catch the signal and work.

Besides this, traditional control machines with keys are not integrated with backlit buttons or lights. You’ll find it extremely difficult to see what keys you’re typing and what you have typed till now. Similarly, access control readers are designed for repetitive use. High frequency of usage can eventually erode the number pad, and you’ll be stuck with damaged, unresponsive keys. With iDome, you don’t have to worry about these issues.

iDome has designed the perfect access control reader. It has a total of three verification methods that you can use if one of them doesn’t work. You can either type the password or use the swipe card for verification. For additional security, you can use passwords and a swipe card for verification together.

The EP-A11T boasts a stunning touch button design. It has an adoptive acrylic panel that can avoid damaged doubles. For your ease, the design comes integrated with an LED backlight display, so you’ll always know what keys you’re pressing, whether you’re using it during the day or at night. There’s a clearly identified induction zone on the front panel of the access control. You’ll immediately know where to press your card.

The device even comes with a doorbell button that can be connected to a wired doorbell. The control access is not just beautiful, but it’s also designed to be strong and durable for long-term use. The whole shell of the access control is built with Adopt ABS material. It comes integrated with strong heat resistance and flame retardancy.  

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