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5MP 4CH DVR KIT: Price, Features, Photos
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HD coax CCTV systems are widely used for video surveillance at industrial facilities and office centres. They are well suited for establishing video control over a large area and allow you to track everything that happens around the perimeter. Modern coax CCTV systems offer high-definition images. HD-TVI and HD-CVI cameras are included in our HD coax CCTV section. At the IDome online store, you can buy Full HD CCTV systems at affordable prices. Here you will find options for organizing video surveillance at any object.

What do you need to know about HD coax CCTV systems?

CCTV video surveillance systems were the first of this type and made huge strides in their development from the very beginning. Modern CCTV HD camera kits are equipped with cameras that operate in HD-TVI and HD-CVI formats. These video surveillance systems can provide high-quality images, allowing you to view the faces of suspicious people or read the license plates of cars in detail.

HD home CCTV systems can include a different number of cameras. Standard solutions include up to 16 devices. However, it is possible to purchase kits designed for a larger number of video surveillance devices. All cameras provide HD quality. Resolution and frame rate may vary depending on device specifications. In addition, modern cameras can be configured to provide the image quality that suits you.

Cables for CCTV video surveillance systems

Coaxial CCTV video surveillance systems work using coaxial cables. This is a special type of wire that simultaneously provides both data transfer and device power. Thus, there is no need to "tie" the cameras to sockets. Video monitoring devices can be installed anywhere in the territory of an enterprise or office centre. A coaxial cable is run from them to a single security console. The image from each camera is transmitted to a single remote control and can be displayed on separate or one monitor.

CCTV systems are designed in such a way that a variety of cabling schemes can be made. For this, special fittings are included in the system kit. Therefore, they can be connected both with the help of specialists and independently. CCTV systems are quite easy to connect. With the proper study of the instructions, a non-professional can cope with the installation easily.

Remote viewing of video surveillance recordings

Modern Full HD CCTV kits have features that allow you to view video surveillance tape remotely. Broadcasting from the control centre can be carried out on any device. The kits use network technologies, which allow you to view the video surveillance tape anywhere in the world. This makes it possible to provide the possibility of control over the situation not only for security services but also directly for the owners of private houses, enterprises, or office centres.

HD coax CCTV systems can be equipped with a universal connection option (UPNP) for easier and more convenient for remote viewing of video surveillance tape. If this system is available, you can set up remote viewing by pressing one button on the router. You can buy kits without the universal connection option, but even without it, you can configure the ability to view video remotely from cameras.

The memory of recorders of coax CCTV systems

A very important criterion for choosing high-definition CCTV camera kits is the devices' memory. The videos are saved to the hard drive installed in the recorder. It is best to choose systems with at least 1 TB of memory. In this case, the recorder will be able to store more videos.

HD coax CCTV video recorders may have the ability to connect additional hard drives. This is a useful option, especially if you have a system with many cameras. CCTV systems automatically overwrite old videos, so you don't have to manually delete them.

In the IDome online store, you can buy high-quality CCTV systems. You can choose the appropriate solutions for any object in the catalogues of our website. We sell only high-quality products of our own brand. Our online store offers video surveillance systems at affordable prices. We also make special offers and sales, thanks to which the purchase will be even more profitable. Delivery is carried out in any city in the UK.

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