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iD-808DVR-8MP (8CH): Price, Features, Photos
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The iD-816DVR-8MP (16CH) offers an ultra-high resolution of 8MP (3840 x 2160P), serving as a visual..
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HD Coax DVR is a device that is required to work with HD-AVS and HD-SDI systems. These devices are used to record videos from cameras. They are also equipped with a memory in which the recorded data is stored. Data from cameras to the CCTV DVR recorder is transmitted via coaxial cable. Such devices are not inferior in quality to IP systems, but their cost is much lower. You can buy systems with 720p and 1080p resolution at the IDome store. In the catalogues of the site, you will find CCTV digital video recorders compatible with more than 30 different cameras. You can choose hardware with different memory capacities and specifications.

What do you need to know about HD Coax DVR?

HD Coax DVRs are especially in demand for companies and enterprises with large territories. They allow you to connect many cameras to control a large area. Such devices can store videos in HD resolution. High-quality video recording is important in terms of security. On such videos, it is easy to see license plates and intruders' faces or detect a potential threat.

If a company is already using an analogue video surveillance system, upgrading to an HD Coax DVR will not be difficult. These devices work on the same principle as their older counterparts, using the same coaxial cables and similar settings for the connection. However, the ability to store video in HD quality and a large amount of memory is an undoubted advantage of a DVR for a CCTV camera.

With this device, you can connect a large number of cameras. Viewing the data is very convenient. You can use both monitors on the security console and a regular smartphone for this. HD Coax DVRs are multi-channel devices, so you can connect multiple cameras to them. The number of cameras depends on the device model.

How to work with HD Coax DVR?

HD Coax DVRs are equipped with HDMI or VGA video outputs. Some models of DVR recorders for CCTV are equipped with both of them. Thanks to them, you can connect the device directly to an HDMI monitor or TV. After it is connected, special software is installed. It is used to configure HD Coax DVR.

To control the CCTV camera recorder, you can use a USB mouse (it may be included in the kit). An alternative option is a remote control that allows you to control your HD Coax DVR from a distance. However, a USB mouse is more practical because it is more convenient and faster. Each entry has metadata, so you can view video characteristics such as:

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Camera number.
  • Recording volume.
  • Motion detection.

Once the memory is full, the digital video recorder for CCTV will automatically overwrite old clips. Accordingly, the recording does not stop even for a minute. Old videos are deleted from memory, and new ones are recorded in their place. Recording time depends on the following factors:

  • The amount of memory on the hard drive.
  • The number of connected cameras.
  • Video resolution.
  • Frame frequency.

All these characteristics vary, depending on the model. Video resolution and frame rate can be changed in the settings. If you set these values to the maximum, the videos will take up more space, and the device will overwrite old videos more often. However, with maximum settings, you will get the clearest video quality.

Why buy video surveillance equipment in the IDome store

The IDome online store offers customers to buy HD Coax DVRs at affordable prices. The catalogues contain a wide selection of such devices. We offer only high-quality products of our own brand. The guarantee covers all types of devices. You can also take advantage of promotions and discounts from our store and buy products with additional benefits. We deliver video surveillance devices to any city in the UK. Our experts will provide professional advice if you have any difficulties with the choice.

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