IP Bullet Cameras

iD-BU5028POE-5MP (2.8MM): Price, Features, Photos
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The iD-BU5028POE-5MP (2.8MM) in the iDome bullet camera series offers a super high-definition video ..
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iD-BU8028POE-8MP (2.8MM): Price, Features, Photos
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The iD-BU8028POE-8MP (2.8MM) offers outstanding ultra-high quality of videos captured up to 4K (8MP ..
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IP Bullet Cameras

CCTV dome cameras are in great demand for organizing video surveillance at various types of facilities. This technology has been around for a very long time, and in fact, it was from it that this entire area began its development. Unlike IP cameras, CCTV cameras do not have their own IP addresses and Internet connections. However, they are great for organizing security posts and displaying images on a single console. The IDome online store offers customers the opportunity to buy CCTV dome cameras at low prices. Here you will find CCTV products and kits for organizing video surveillance at home, in the office, or at work.

What are the features of modern CCTV cameras?

Modern CCTV dome cameras provide high image quality due to high resolution and frame rate. They are highly detailed, so you can easily see the movement in one or another part of the frame, the face of an intruder, or read the license plate of a suspicious car. Virtually any number of CCTV cameras can be installed and controlled from a single point.

Dome CCTV cameras are connected to a single control panel. The cameras can be placed anywhere and conveniently attached to the ceiling.

What to look for when choosing cameras?

It is important to choose the right CCTV dome security cameras. They differ in a number of characteristics and are developed for different objects. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Basic camera specifications. It is worth studying in detail the maximum resolution, frame rate, as well as principle of power supply to the camera.
  • Camera adjustment. Different models of CCTV cameras shoot at different angles. The choice is made depending on where exactly you plan to install the device.
  • Protection. If the dome camera is installed outdoors, then you need to choose options with additional anti-vandal protection. In addition, the camera must be protected from external environmental factors – wind, dust, moisture, etc.
  • Dome colour. You can choose from clear, mirrored, or tinted dome cameras. 

These are the key parameters for choosing a dome camera. Based on them, you will be able to choose devices that will meet all your goals.

Why buy cameras in the IDome online store?

The IDome online store offers customers dome CCTV cameras for any objects. You can purchase kits with a different number of devices, as well as individual cameras or accessories for them. You can find 1080p, 2MP, and 5 MP cameras in our catalogue. We sell only high-quality products. All devices are covered by a warranty. We offer CCTV cameras of our own brand at competitive prices. We also carry out all kinds of promotions and offer discounts, so you can save even more. Our company delivers orders to any city in the United Kingdom.

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