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The iD-8004PNVR-8MP (4CH) offers 4K (8MP) resolution through supreme image processing technology. Th..
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The iD-8008PNVR-8MP (8CH) captures a super high 4K (8MP) resolution of detailed videos. Thus, every ..
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The iD-8016PNVR-8MP (16CH) is another marvelous cctv NVR in the iDome NVR recorder series. It enable..
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IP NVR recorders are devices that are used to record and play videos from CCTV cameras. They are relevant for office buildings and enterprises with a large number of video surveillance devices. Network video recorders allow you to organize a functional video surveillance system and provide a high degree of territory protection. The IDome online store offers a wide range of IP  and CCTV NVR recorders. In the catalogues of our website, you will find devices for every need.

Features of IP NVR recorders

An IP NR recorder is similar in many ways to a standard computer. It consists of 4 main components:

  • Motherboard.
  • CPU.
  • RAM.
  • HDD.

For such devices, special software is used, which is adapted to the tasks for which the recorder is designed. With it, you can configure the cameras and the video they record. The CCTV recording box is connected to the monitor via HDMI or VGA outputs. Management is carried out using a wired or wireless mouse. You can also control the device with a remote control.

The recorder has a number of functions. The main ones are the following:

  • Set video recording options. Through the WiFi NVR recorder, you can set the camera resolution, frame rate, speed of various network channels, etc.
  • Manual control of PTZ cameras. The operator can rotate the camera from the security console, which allows the maximum use of the viewing angle.
  • Selecting the recording mode. With the IP NVR recorder, you can set the time to automatically turn on or turn off the camera or carry out these operations manually. The device also allows you to enable or disable sound recording (if the cameras are equipped with microphones).
  • Setting up reactions. The device allows you to configure reactions when motion sensors are triggered.
  • Archiving. You can archive videos and transfer them to a USB flash drive.
  • Updates. Through IP NVR recorders, the software of the cameras is updated. They can be transferred to the recorder through USB.

IP NVR home security recorders store videos. The device will automatically overwrite old clips if the internal memory becomes full.

What to look for when choosing an IP NVR recorder?

It is important to choose the right IP NVR recorder. There is a wide variety of models of these devices, each of which is designed for different purposes. If you choose the wrong device, you may experience malfunctions and conflicts with cameras; there is also a risk of insufficient memory storage problems, etc. When choosing, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The number of channels. Each camera requires a separate channel to connect. The more of them, the more video surveillance devices can be connected.
  • The maximum supported camera resolution.
  • Hard disk space. The higher the resolution and the number of frames on the cameras, the more space is needed on the HDD. Also, pay attention to the number of connectors for connecting the HDD because you may need to connect additional storage.
  • Recording speed. If you want to get high-quality video, you need to choose a recorder that supports at least 25 frames per second.

If you are not sure about the choice, our managers will be happy to provide professional advice. The IDome online store offers customers IP NVR recorders at competitive prices. We provide high-quality devices. A warranty covers all products. We ship your orders to any city in the UK.

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