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iD-DO5028POE-5MP (2.8MM): Price, Features, Photos
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The iD-DO5028POE-5MP (2.8MM) enables superior quality videos to be captured at 5MP ( or 2592 x 1944 ..
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iD-DO8028POE-8MP (2.8MM): Price, Features, Photos
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The iD-DO8028POE-8MP (2.8MM) offers an ultra HD clarity of 4K (8MP or 3840 x 2160) resolution of foo..
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Dome IP cameras are versatile video surveillance devices that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are protected from environmental influences, provide a wide viewing angle, and provide high-quality recordings. IP cameras transmit data over an Ethernet network, and each device has its own IP address. The idome.co.uk online store offers you to buy video surveillance equipment. You will find the widest selection of WiFi IP dome cameras and accessories in our store.

What are the advantages of IP dome cameras?

IP dome CCTV cameras are used for video surveillance at private, commercial, and industrial facilities. They have several important benefits:

  • They are difficult to notice. The cameras are small and do not attract attention. They are difficult to notice, especially in the dark.
  • IP support. The devices transmit data over an Ethernet network, so recordings can be viewed anywhere. Each camera has its own IP address and works independently.
  • Reliable camera protection. The dome design makes it difficult to damage the lens. It takes a lot of effort to break the camera.
  • Movable lens. IP dome cameras are equipped with a movable lens that can change position (manually or automatically, for example, using a motion sensor).

Why buy cameras on idome.co.uk?

The idome.co.uk store offers customers the widest selection of wireless IP dome cameras. We sell high-quality video surveillance devices. A warranty covers all types of cameras that you can buy in our store. We offer IP cameras at competitive prices. Delivery of orders is carried out to any city in the UK by the selected delivery method.

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