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Features :Metal housing , Anti-vandal, and Anti-explosionWaterproof , conforms to Ip67Support 125 KHZ EM&HID +13.56MHz Mifare cardsUser Capacity:2,000 card users, 2,000 password usersLength of PIN: 4 - 8 digitsPulse Mode...

Features :
Metal housing , Anti-vandal, and Anti-explosion
Waterproof , conforms to Ip67
Support 125 KHZ EM&HID +13.56MHz Mifare cards
User Capacity:2,000 card users, 2,000 password users
Length of PIN: 4 - 8 digits
Pulse Mode and Toggle Mode
Admin can add/ delete admin cards, making add/ delete cards rapidly

Parameters :
Operating Voltage:DC12V±10%
Operating Temperature :-30℃~ 60 ℃
Dimension : 115L*40W*25H (mm)
Standard Current : <70mA
Operating Humidity : 10%~90%

EP-MM8C is truly special. You can guess that just by looking at this elegant access control reader. The device's simple yet sturdy design encapsulates everything you need. Controlling access to a room or a building is quickly becoming a prominent part of security systems across many organizations. That's because the device has no complicated procedures to safeguard and restrict access to a particular room.

This incredible access control comes in a metal housing, allowing it to be drop resistant and durable against corrosion. It even offers multiple color options to choose the design that better fits your office aesthetics. EP-MM8C is ideal for long-term use and restricts access to a location for authorized personnel only. You can rest assured about the security system as the device operates with anti-vandal components and can even survive explosions.

EP-MM8C is an efficient device that supports swipe cards and password input to allow access. iDome enables you to use 125 kHz EM&HID and 13.56MHz Mifare cards. That's not all. It also comes with an enormous user capacity. A standard unit of EP-MM8C allows you to store information related to 2,000 card users and/or 2,000 password users. The access control reader is perfect for any small-scale organization.

The Ep-MM8C also incorporates several additional features that can improve your user experience. You have the option of setting up the length of the PIN code from a range of 4 to 8 digits. Moreover, the control reader comes with an admin card that allows you to easily remove or add new cards. The device comes supported with a Pulse and a Toggle Mode. For your convenience, it incorporates a touch keyboard that avoids potential key damage and is luminous in the dark.

iDome focuses on providing quality with convenience. You can easily install the device outside as a door control security measure. The device has an IP67 rating and is waterproof. It can operate in the rain while protecting itself against water damage. EP-MM8C also has a high operating temperature. So if it's cold or hot, your access control device will work like a charm each time.

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