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Stand-alone Doorbell call to Tuya APP directly1.3MP/2.0Mp Camera Resolution120 wide angle camera lensMetallic frame body to be longer lifespan Support electronic lock and magnetic lockSupport motion detection functionout...

  • Stand-alone Doorbell call to Tuya APP directly
  • 1.3MP/2.0Mp Camera Resolution
  • 120 wide angle camera lens
  • Metallic frame body to be longer lifespan 
  • Support electronic lock and magnetic lock
  • Support motion detection function
  • outstanding waterproof IP56 rate

iDome’s IP Doorbell is the home entrance security you need. This “Smart” home security device is the modern answer to a traditional doorbell. The doorbell system works with a Tuya APP. It provides multiple features that can save you time while upgrading your existing home security.

The most notable feature is IP Doorbell’s integrated 2MP camera that allows you to see and recognize the faces of anyone who visits your home. It has a fixed 130-degree camera angle and can capture a vast area in front of your house.

It takes high-quality HD videos that you can monitor and observe. You can easily view the footage live through your mobile phone. No matter where you are, at work or outside the city, you’ll always know who’s ringing your house’s doorbell. This feature is only possible due to the integrated human body infrared detection sensor that immediately starts operating the system when it detects any individual.

Besides that, it has a built-in mic and a speaker, so you can establish a two-way dialogue without ever needing to get out of bed. iDome’s IP doorbell also comes with an unlock feature that you can use through the app. The app has an excellent user interface and lets you access all the parts with a press of your fingertips.

IP Doorbell has a metallic frame, making it highly durable. Moreover, it has an IP56 waterproof rating, making it ideal for outdoor usage. Best of all, you can even use it safely during the night. The doorbell has an IR LED and IR sensor that automatically starts operating at night.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about the doorbell malfunctioning due to the extreme weather. The system can operate in extreme cold and extreme heat without any issues. Finally, iDome incorporates Wi-Fi and Rj45 Connection that you can use simultaneously to connect your doorbell to your home lock. The device even supports a PoE power supply if you operate it with a wired network.

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