EP-A7 Access Control/Reader

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  • Metal⠀housing⠀,⠀Anti-vandal,⠀and⠀Anti-explosion
  • Waterproof⠀,⠀conforms⠀to⠀Ip67
  • Support⠀125⠀KHZ⠀EM⠀card
  • User⠀Capacity:2,000
  • Length⠀of⠀PIN:⠀4⠀-⠀8⠀digits
  • Pulse⠀Mode⠀and⠀Toggle⠀Mode
  • Admin⠀can⠀add/⠀delete⠀admin⠀cards,⠀making⠀add/⠀delete⠀cards⠀rapidly


  • Operating⠀Voltage: 10-24⠀DC
  • Operating⠀Temperature⠀:-⠀40℃~⠀60⠀℃(- 40⠀F⠀〜140⠀F)
  • Dimension⠀: 110L*76W*22H⠀(mm)
  • Standard⠀Current⠀: <70mA
  • (Don` t⠀support⠀Wiegand/door⠀contact/external⠀alarm)

The most crucial aspect of any access and control reader is reliability. Suppose a control device has periodic events with inactivity and occasionally stops operating. In that case, it can cause extreme frustration for the user and waste precious time. That’s why EP-A7 Access Control / Card Reader is an extremely popular choice in the industry. The device by iDome is the reliable solution that you’ve been looking for.

Controlling access to a particular location or a building is a security measure that requires stable performance, and that’s precisely what EP-A7 offers. The security system is designed to be as reliable as possible. It comes integrated with a metallic case, allowing it to be durable. Moreover, iDome also incorporates several Anti-vandal and Anti-explosion countermeasures within the device. These features enable EP-A7 to be the best choice for securing highly sensitive areas.

The EP-A7 isn’t just perfect for indoor installation but can also be installed outside. Owing to the IP67 rating that the device comes with, the access control reader is protected against water damage. It can quickly adapt to an outdoor environment without difficulty. That’s not all. The device also boasts an aluminum shell, allowing high fatigue resistance.

Whether for a small-scale organization or a large office, EP-A7 can be used for both. That’s because the device has a high storage capability, allowing up to 2,000 users. Users can either use their card to swipe in front of the device or type down the password to gain access.

Thanks to the incorporated LED lights within the access control design, you’ll always be able to tell when the signal connects. You’ll mostly find the device with a red light, indicating the standby mode. Once you’ve validated your information, the light will turn green. To enhance location security, you can use the number pad to set up a PIN code of either 4 or 8 digits.

EP-A7 further comes supported with 2 types of different operational modes. This includes a Pulse and a Toggle mode. Finally, the entire access control system is designed to be as simple as possible to learn and install.  

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