EP-A8 Access Control/Reader

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  • Metal⠀housing⠀,⠀Anti-vandal,⠀and⠀Anti-explosion
  • Waterproof⠀,⠀conforms⠀to⠀Ip67
  • Support⠀125⠀KHZ⠀EM⠀card⠀
  • User⠀Capacity:⠀2,000⠀
  • Length⠀of⠀PIN:⠀4⠀-⠀8⠀digits
  • Pulse⠀Mode⠀and⠀Toggle⠀Mode
  • Supporting⠀block⠀enrollment⠀with⠀cards⠀sequentially⠀numbered
  • Admin⠀can⠀add/⠀delete⠀admin⠀cards,⠀making⠀add/⠀delete⠀cards⠀rapidly


  • Operating⠀Voltage:10-24⠀DC
  • Operating⠀Temperature⠀:-40℃~⠀60⠀℃
  • Dimension⠀: 129L*44W*20H⠀(mm)
  • Standard⠀Current⠀:≤80mA
  • Wiegand⠀26⠀bit⠀input/⠀output,⠀PIN⠀Virtual⠀card⠀number⠀output

An access control machine has quickly become a necessity for many different organizations. There are many reasons for limiting and controlling access to a particular area or building. It could relate to safeguarding data and equipment or protecting sensitive or dangerous materials in a research facility. Regardless of the reasons, an access control reader has to be reliable, robust, and foul-proof. That’s precisely what you get from iDome’s EP-A8 Access Control Reader.

The EP-A8 Access Control Reader is an incredible addition to iDome’s product portfolio. This device boasts a robust metal housing that allows it to be highly durable. The design is built to last for years. It can’t be vandalized nor tampered with by any individual. Once you’ve installed the unit, you’ll have complete control over who can access particular areas.

The control reader can even survive explosions and work perfectly well afterward. Owing to the IP67 rating that the device comes with, Ep-A8 is usable indoors and outdoors. It’s perfect for door control and can be used as an entrance control for small-scale organizations. The access control reader is well protected against water damage of any kind and can operate without any issues even in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40 to 60 .

The narrow-designed EP-A8 offers two methods of accessing a location. This includes a PIN code set between 4 or 8 digits and swipe cards for additional convenience. It also comes with the capability of supporting block enrollment with cards numbered sequentially and supports 12 kHz EM cards. The admin cards allow you to easily add or delete cards with ease.

The device comes equipped with two modes: Pulse and Toggle. Furthermore, it comes integrated with a luminous keyboard that lets you see what keys you’re typing even in the dark. The EP-A8 has a significant storage capability. A single unit can store data related to 2,000 individual card users. Overall, the device doesn’t need any complex requirements for optimal performance. The only factor that you must ensure is to use a 5A Power Supply while you’re connecting the locks

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